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Consults reg. $200          sale price $150

Nordik K9 is committed to delivering exceptional, modern training. Our program is customized to fit every person and every dog of all shapes and sizes.

These programs generally last between 4 - 8 sessions with Elise or Calli. Each session is 45 min to 1 hour in length. If you need a bit more time, no problem. We're dedicated to helping you and your dog reach your goals and we'll work with you until they're achieved. That's our promise to you.

We start with how to properly interact with your dog followed by building engagement and shaping behaviour. If there are issues that need immediate addressing, no problem. 

After the initial consult, each session is $100. We don't waste any time. Time and money are precious, so let's get right to work! We also understand times are tough so if you need help, please reach out and we'll do what we can to assist.

If you expect to hand us your leash and fix your dog, then this training is NOT for you. We expect you to work alongside your dog and learn the techniques that will make you and your dog the best team you can be! 

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