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Meet The Team

Karen, Trainer

Karen has a deep background in rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, having welcomed approximately 25 dogs with diverse strengths and challenges. She is experienced in addressing issues like reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and general obedience and manners. A particular passion of hers is training deaf dogs using hand signals and e-collars for effective off-leash communication.

In the past two years, Karen has delved into training dog sports and has been providing online training classes to dogs in foster programs, offering them enriching experiences while they await adoption. She firmly believes that there is a suitable sport for every dog, and she finds joy in witnessing the strong bond formed between teams through the love of sports.

As a proud provider to a heeler mix named Bondi, Karen has successfully navigated dog reactivity and separation anxiety with her companion. Bondi now serves as a valuable companion to many reactive dogs, becoming their first friend and support.

Karen is eager to assist you and your dog in building a strong bond and unlocking your full potential together. Her experience and dedication in the rescue and dog sports world make her a valuable resource for pet owners seeking guidance and support.

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Karen, Trainer Nordik K9
Cheryl, Trainer Nordik K9

Cheryl, Trainer

Cheryl has a lifelong passion for dogs, engaging in various training and activities with them. She has enjoyed obedience, detection, and canicross, actively participating in different canine sports.

In 2015 and 2016, she trained and competed in Sport Detection with her Belgian Malinois, earning Started and Advanced titles. Her interest in Human Remains Detection (HRD) led her to attend a seminar in 2016, sparking her dedication to HRD training. Cheryl has also trained in live find, article tracking, and air scenting.

As a member of Ontario Search and Recovery Canines, Cheryl achieved HRD certification in 2023 with her Belgian Malinois. She believes in the significance of variety to strengthen the bond with her dogs, frequently attending seminars and trainings to expand her knowledge.

Beyond her training pursuits, Cheryl holds a CKC Canine Good Neighbour title and is involved in the canicross community as the Central Ontario representative for the Canadian Canicross Sports Club.

Residing on a hobby farm in Innisfil, Ontario, Cheryl shares her home with her two Belgian Malinois and Arabian horses. Her dedication to dogs and her involvement in various activities showcase her commitment to canine well-being and enrichment.

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Erin, Trainer

Erin has been actively involved in working with behaviorally challenged dogs since 2017, helping families create harmonious environments and fostering happy relationships with their pets. She gained valuable experience by collaborating with some of Ontario's finest Dog Trainers, exposing her to a wide array of training styles and unique approaches.

Her dedication to rehabilitating rescue dogs intensified after personally rescuing two Blue Heelers from Texas and a Border Collie from a local shelter. Witnessing the potential transformation of these dogs motivated her to focus on helping those who often face the toughest odds for a second chance.

Over the years, Erin's diverse knowledge and expertise have equipped her with the necessary tools to assist numerous dogs and their families, making a positive impact in their lives.

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Erin, Trainer Nordik K9

Start Now

To ensure the best experience for both you and your dog, we request all clients to attend a consult with one of our expert trainers before joining any class. This consultation allows us to understand your goals, assess your dog's capabilities, and recommend the most suitable activities for you both.

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