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Meet The Team

Our Expert Dog Trainers Are Ready to Transform Your Canine Companion!


Since 2017, Erin has actively tackled behavioral challenges in dogs, fostering harmonious relationships within families. Collaborating with top Ontario trainers, she gained diverse expertise in various training methods. Her commitment to rescuing intensified after saving two Blue Heelers from Texas and a Border Collie locally, inspiring her focus on aiding disadvantaged rescues. Erin's accumulated knowledge and experience have empowered her to positively impact numerous dogs and their families, facilitating lasting change in their lives.

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Karen's incredible skills comes from her work in various rescue agencies rehabilitating dogs with various behavioral issues like reactivity, resource guarding, and separation anxiety. Her diverse skills include training deaf dogs using hand signals and effective canine communication. Recently, she's ventured into dog sports training, offering online classes to fostered dogs, enriching their experiences. Proud owner of Bondi, a heeler mix, Karen has successfully tackled reactivity and separation anxiety, making Bondi a companion for other reactive dogs. With her expertise, she aims to help build strong bonds and unlock the full potential of dogs and their owners.

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Since 2016, Beccy has immersed herself in the world of dogs, gaining extensive experience with various sizes, breeds, and temperaments. Her roles in doggie daycares and kennels involved supervising up to 30 dogs in open play, ensuring individualized care for each. Additionally, Beccy volunteers with a local rescue, fostering 7 puppies until they found permanent homes. Adopting Clover, her deaf dog, in 2019 prompted Beccy to explore alternative training methods like hand signals and e-collar recall, inspiring her to continually adapt her techniques to accommodate any dog she encounters.

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Drawing from her extensive experience in dog rescue, Kat has honed her understanding of diverse breeds and behavioral challenges. As a dedicated multi-dog owner, her journey with a behaviorally challenged Malinois has fueled her passion to assist others. This personal evolution has shaped her training approach, emphasizing tailored support for both dogs and owners. Kat's commitment to fostering positive relationships and addressing individual needs defines her approach, ensuring every interaction is guided by compassion and expertise.

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To ensure the best experience for both you and your dog, we request all clients to attend a consult with one of our expert trainers before joining any class. This consultation allows us to understand your goals, assess your dog's capabilities, and recommend the most suitable activities for you both.

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