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Trainer Erin Henderson with her dogs.

It's about teamwork...

The trainers at Nordik K9 approach dog training with unwavering dedication. Committed to continuous improvement, they actively seek to advance their skills and stay at the forefront of the industry through exclusive professional development opportunities. By integrating real-world applications into our training programs, we redefine the standards of dog training. We can help with unwanted behaviours such as leash pulling, counter surfing, reactivity and more through methods that are both clear for you and your dog. Recognizing that not every dog can be the absolute best, our focus is on making your dog the very best they can be. Trust Nordik K9 for training that goes beyond conventional methods, ensuring a transformation that reflects your dog's unique potential. We put the leash in your hands and show you how to build a lasting relationship with your animal built on respect and teamwork. ​

In Home Training

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Step 3: Our trainers will contact you within 48 hours.

*** Package rates include the Initial Consult Fee ***
*** All Consults take place in your own home ***

Hybrid Training

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*** 647-680-1897 ***

Board and Train

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*** 647-680-1897 ***

Two well-behaved dogs showcasing their environmental control.

Heather Parsons, Barrie

"Very knowledgeable trainers! Excellent skills, great teaching style. Impressive dogs!"

Members Only Classes

At Nordik K9, we offer an exciting array of unique classes tailored to suit the diverse interests and needs of our clients. Whether you're seeking thrilling adventures like walks, runs, snowshoeing, and more, or prefer more structured activities like urban obedience and rally, we have something special for you and your dog.


For those looking to challenge their skills and prepare for events or certifications like the Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) program, we offer mock trials and dedicated practice sessions to help you shine on the big day.


To ensure the best experience for both you and your dog, we request all clients to attend a consult with one of our expert trainers before joining any sign-up classes. This consultation allows us to understand your goals, assess your dog's capabilities, and recommend the most suitable activities for you both.


Our schedule is packed with exciting options, so take a look and choose the classes that pique your interest. Whether you're an adventure seeker, obedience enthusiast, or aspiring competitor, Nordik K9 is here to support you on your canine journey. 

Dog gamboling in the snow

Cross-County Canine Adventures

Trainers Cheryl and Elise offer an exciting service that focuses on building a strong bond between owners and their dogs while promoting obedience through physical activity. With adventure outings in various picturesque regions of Simcoe county, including waterfront trails and forest areas, you and your dog will embark on thrilling on-leash journeys together. 

Three French Bullgod Puppies

Pawsitive Start

Presenting an invaluable service focused on puppy socialization in a structured format. In these classes, puppies are given the perfect environment to interact, play, and learn from one another. Owners are not only welcome but highly encouraged to stay during the sessions, allowing them to observe and understand their dog's social cues as they grow and develop.


Rally Revolution

Rally is a unique and engaging dog sport that combines obedience and agility in a fun-filled, interactive way. In these classes, dogs and their owners will navigate a course, performing a series of commands and maneuvers. This activity not only strengthens the bond between you and your dog but also enhances their obedience and responsiveness to your cues.

Border Collie with a Bone

Concrete Canines

The Concrete Canine class is all about building engagement and confidence in new environments. Socialization is key for dogs of any age and overcoming obstacles together will help further your bond. In this group class your dog will practice their skills around other dogs, people, sounds, smells, bikes, skateboarders etc. Each class will take place at a new location to expand your dog’s experiences.


Search and Rescue Sport Club

Join the Nordik K9 Search and Rescue Sport Club for a thrilling adventure with your dog! SAR Sport simulates real search and rescue operations using trained dogs and handlers, focusing on testing canine skills, building teamwork, and promoting safety. Our club offers area search, obedience, and tracking training. Open to everyone, regardless of experience level, our club welcomes all breeds.

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