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Founder & Head Trainer

Elise Claridge CPDT-KA

Elise served over thirteen years of military experience, both domestically and abroad, where she fulfilled various operations and tasks. Her primary focus was as a dedicated Medical Technician, providing crucial medical care to Canadian Armed Forces soldiers.


After retiring from the military in 2018, she seamlessly transitioned into her new career with the Barrie Police Service. Alongside her professional commitments, Elise actively contributed to her community as a volunteer firefighter and rescue team member. In 2023, Elise received her CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed) certification. 

Elise, Founder of Nordik K9 with dog

During her deployment in Afghanistan, Elise's passion for canine work was ignited as she observed and learned about the dogs' diverse roles in a theater of operations. This experience sparked her interest in various sport dog activities, including IGP/IPO, where she achieved a front half certification as a Helper. Throughout the year, she enthusiastically participates in numerous competitions and seminars related to law enforcement, military, and private contract applications.

Currently, Elise is dedicated to establishing and fostering an active Search and Rescue Canine team in Ontario. She aims to support motivated handlers who wish to expand their knowledge and contribute to community service. Elise attributes her wealth of knowledge and experience to the exceptional mentors and colleagues who have played a vital role in shaping her methods and skills.

Our Team

Our team of passionate trainers is here to provide unwavering support and guidance, helping you unleash your dog's full potential and create unforgettable experiences together. 

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