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Trainer: Elise Claridge

Elise has 13+ years military experience in both domestic and abroad operations and tasks. She's spent most if her career working as a Medical Technician, devoted to medical care and delivery to soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces. Elise retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and was picked up by the Barrie Police Service. A rookie to the force, she looks forward to bringing years of military training to her police work. She was also part of her local volunteer fire and rescue team and an active volunteer in her community.  Though she's grown up with dogs all her life it was the adoption of an 8 month old Dutch Shepherd with numerous behavioural issues that introduced her to dog training. Going through numerous programs and techniques she's sought all types of higher knowledge that she now wants to share with others who wish to have a better relationship with their dog. She owes all her knowledge and experience to her fantastic mentors that have built and shaped her program.


Trainer: Calli Hug

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