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In November of 2023, members of the Project K9 Ranger Team depart for the area of Victoria Falls on a week-long mission to train and equip anti-poaching K9 handlers operating in the austere conditions of the African wilderness.

Did You Know...

In Sub Saharan Africa Anti-Poaching Rangers are the last line of defense between poachers and our world’s endangered species. With increasing demand for ivory, rhino horn and other trafficked animal products, the job of Anti-Poaching Rangers has become increasingly dangerous. Over the past 10 years more than 1000 rangers have been killed and many more injured carrying out their duties. “With poachers responsible for more than half of the ranger deaths over the

past two years, IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the International Ranger Federation (IRF) call for a toughened stance against wildlife crime globally”(IUCN July 2014)

Our Mission

In recent years conservation groups across Africa have been enlisting the help of canines in anti-poaching efforts. The canines offer a unique set of skills including their ability to track, apprehend poachers, and conduct detection work. Despite being an asset, these units remain under funded, under equipped, and remain difficult to train due to a lack of access to equipment.


“According to the College’s counter-poaching data, when responding to incursions without any K9 asset, the apprehension rate is low, about 3-5%. Working with a K9 Unit, it increases to 54%

       - South African Wildlife College

Image by Matt Burke

How Can You Help...?

This operation can't get off the ground without the compassionate support of patrons like you. Your donation will not only help with getting our boots on the ground, but equipping and training the teams already doing the incredible work.

Every little bit helps but here is a rough breakdown of what your donation could provide.


Leash $50


Collar $100


Protective Equipment $200


Harness $400


Veterinary Supplies $300


Training Tools $500

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This team was carefully selected for this mission based on their experience, knowledge but post importantly, love of conservation and canines.

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