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Functional K9 Instructional Seminar

Location: Saugeen Schutzhund Club - 374127 6 Line, Amaranth, ON L9W 0M6

June 16, 17 & 18 2023

The Objective

Dog enthusiasts from all walks of life are craving new, complex activities to try with their dogs. Those with more experience want to test the abilities of themselves and their dog through various means. This seminar will give them something familiar while also offering something unique. With the implementation of 3 trainers from different backgrounds, yet mostly similar styles, we could offer an in-depth experience that feeds off one another rather than contradicts teachings. Each team will come away with far more growth and development.


!! EVERYONE !! Police & Military Professionals / Sport Handlers / Dog Trainers / Working Handlers / Pet Owners etc.

The Classes

Meet Your Trainers

With over 50 years of active military and police work between them, you're in very capable and professional hands.

Class Schedule


Classes are limited to 10 working spots. You will be required to sign up for you classes prior to attending the seminar.


Working Spot $450
Audit Spot $250

Thank you to our sponsors...

Ask us if you wish to get involved

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