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Handler Instruction and Training Seminar - Washington DC


Nordik K9 attended the HITS for the very first time. For more than a decade, HITS has been the largest K-9 training conference in world. HITS has revolutionized the way the law enforcement K-9 industry receives it’s training. Bringing scores of training topics together in a way that works for thousands of handlers from around the globe, we cashed in on this invaluable learning opportunity. Experts in each field come to HITS with fresh ideas about training and deploying police and military wokring dogs.


Grip Development Seminar - Shield K9 & Grassroots K9


Want to know what's amazing about the K9 world? We're all about teaching and learning off of one another. This seminar was a great opportunity for us to go out and learn core fundamentals of decoy work. Did it hurt? You bet! But good training demands dedication and a few bruises wont kill us.


Handler Instruction and Training Seminar - Chicago 


Trainers Elise and Calli were able to attend the conference this year together. With a focus on detection, the seminars proved to be exceedingly valuable.


Southcoast K9 Explosive & Drug Detection Seminar - Florida


Calli was able to attend this seminar, which takes place for 4 days and focuses heavily on the skills required to train and implement a proficient detection dog.


London Schutzhund Club Helper Certification


Trainer Elise is dedicated to learning all she can from many aspects of canine training including IGP/IPO. She was successful in getting her certification as a front half helper at the seminar. Big shout out to the Saugeen Schutzhund Club for allowing Elise to develop her skills.