K9 Salvation

Meet Your New "Furry" Team Partner

Still In Development

Operation K9 Salvation is striving to assist current serving Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans as well as dogs from local shelters that are at greatest risk of euthanasia. 

Through careful selection, we partner individuals who are suffering from all matters of mental health such as: anxiety, depression, PTSD and OSI with a dog from a local shelter that may have been overlooked by everyone for whatever reason. Together, soldier and dog go through a 10 week long engagement and obedience program designed to build bonds and trust. This is a symbiotic relationship. The person gets the value of having control over a situation through their own actions and initiative while the dog learns essential socialization skills and obedience that make them a greater candidate for adoption. At the end of the program the member has the option to adopt their new four legged partner or the animal remains in our care to be used for future individuals. 

The dogs that come out of this program are not certified service animals, they are simply well mannered and bonded companions. This program benefits members who are perhaps not eligible for a Service Animal but offers a kind of middle ground.