Inukshuk Professional Dog Food

Nordik K9 is proud to announce that we are now a trusted certified reseller for one of the best professional dog foods on the market made right here in Canada.


The Inukshuk Story

Inukshuk Professional Dog Food is produced in Eastern Canada. Their family-owned facility operates under the strictest safety and quality assurance guidelines in the industry. Inukshuk delivers the highest levels of nutrition and energy in the market. The nutrient-dense Inukshuk formulas mean you feed less than other competitive dog food brands, stretching each bag further. Buying from Nordik K9 supports local Canadian business and saves you money upfront. Inukshuk is ideal for working dogs of any breed, and for kennel owners, breeders, mushers, K9 units, service dogs and any other owners who require performance level nutrition.


The 26/16 Formula

Inukshuk 26/16 formula was initially designed as a puppy food, but it’s also ideal as a healthy dog maintenance food for all life stages. Easy to digest and nutrient-dense with vitamins and minerals essential for building strength.

The 26/16 formula is the best choice for a puppy, an aging dog, small-medium breeds, and the average family dog.


The 30/25 Formula

Inukshuk 30/25 formula is a balanced diet designed for high-energy endurance to fuel your dog’s athletic activities.

The 30/25 formula is the best choice for medium-large breeds, very active dogs, and working dogs during their off season.


The 32/32 Formula

Inukshuk 32/32 formula is a concentrated, high-octane energy for the most demanding conditions. Inukshuk 32/32 is the highest energy dog food on the market.

The 32/32 formula is the best choice for extremely active dogs (we fuel the top 3 Yukon Quest finalists) or for dogs that are having trouble putting and keeping on weight.


Marine 25

With 100% ocean-sourced animal proteins, comprised of salmon, herring and white fish – Marine 25 is loaded with omega 3, 6 and 9’s, encouraging amazing skin and coat conditions. Our vacuum infusion process helps us create a calorically dense, nutrient-rich and highly digestible formula. 25% fat means loads of energy with 580 kcals/per cup. 30% protein means excellent muscle retention and recovery for long days in the field hunting, hiking or pulling the sled.



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