Get a shine that lasts and


We use Leather Luster to give you the perfect finish to your boots that's guaranteed to resist cracking, scuffs and dulling. Drop off on our doorstep or send us your boots through the mail. Shipping is available Canada wide.

support local animal charities across North America.

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How It Works


Price for full boot / shoe is a flat rate of $99 + return shipping (if necessary). This includes the stripping/cleaning fee. If you want toe caps or half boot price just ask about those details. For brand new boots/shoes, I HIGHLY recommend wearing them inside your house for at least an hour to break them in and resist cracking. Repairs of previously painted shoes/boots start at $20, like for those of you who have had a bad scratch or minor cracking.

Sadly I’ve had to up my prices because I order my products directly from the supplier and import fees are atrocious. Still, I believe my prices are well below what most other places charge AND we donate 25% of all proceeds to various animal charities like the Warrior Dog Foundation and Procyon Wildlife Center.

I am located near CFB Borden and drop-offs are FREE and easy however if you require shipping then the cost is anywhere between $15-40 each way depending on where you are in Canada. I just ask you to remove the laces prior to shipping and leave a piece of paper with your contact info in the boot.

It takes me about a week or two to finish a pair and I don’t take money until I’m done and you receive a photo and approve of the job. E transfers work best.


Shipping Address:


                           3 Legion Way,

                             Angus ON.


Total amount donated so far ...
$2 465 (updates Nov 2nd 2021)

"Boots4Paws was the best decision I made for my parade boots! Having previously had my boots done by someone else, they had cracked soon after I started wearing them. Boots4Paws’ technique has thus far done exceptionally well! They are highly professional, honest, and very friendly.”

E. Laviolette