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From Breeding to Deployment: Crafting Working Canines

Join a seasoned expert as he guides you through the journey of creating and deploying working dogs. In the course, Tony shares insights into breeding programs and puppy selection, delving into genetics and identifying potential candidates. Witness rigorous training techniques and specialized skills honed on-site, producing top-tier working dogs. The lecture's culmination involves the handler course, where police officers are paired with their canine partners, fostering crucial teamwork. Prepared for operational duties, these duos return to their respective services. This comprehensive class offers a rare opportunity to understand the entire journey of crafting and deploying working dogs, a testament to Tony's expertise.

Innovations in Forensic Investigations and Search & Rescue: "Detection Dogs and Drones”

Join our captivating lecture on advanced tools transforming forensic and rescue operations. We explore Human Remains Detection Dogs, Thermal Drones, Multi-spectral Drones, and Submersible Drones, revealing their pivotal roles. Human Remains Detection Dogs excel in locating human remains with remarkable scent-detection skills. Thermal Drones use thermal imaging for search and rescue and crime scene analysis. Multi-spectral Drones capture beyond-visible-spectrum data for environmental analysis and concealed evidence detection. Submersible Drones are essential for underwater searches. This lecture showcases the fusion of living beings and technology, pushing the limits of these vital fields. Don't miss this transformative glimpse into the future of forensic and rescue missions.

Service Dogs: Selection, Training, and Impact

Explore the world of certified service dogs in this enlightening class, led by a reputable provider. Uncover their breeding, selection, and training, focusing on the rigorous criteria for exceptional skills and temperaments. Learn how these dogs transform into highly skilled, empathetic service companions for various roles, from guide dogs to emotional support animals. Gain insight into the dedication involved in providing certified service dogs, understanding their vital role in improving lives. This lecture offers a profound understanding of the service dog world, from inception to noble service.

A Positive Perspective on Pet Dog Training

Explore the fundamentals of pet dog training with a focus on positive reinforcement and unique techniques in this enlightening class. Our expert instructor will guide you through force-free training principles, emphasizing the power of rewards and motivation. Learn to build a strong bond with your pet while instilling obedience, confidence, and good behavior without resorting to punishment. Discover the secrets of clear communication and addressing behavioral issues positively. This approach is kind to dogs and highly effective. Whether you're a novice or experienced trainer, this class equips you with knowledge to create a harmonious, respectful, and loving relationship with your pet. Embark on a journey toward a well-behaved, happy canine companion.

Guardians of Animal Welfare: PAWS in Ontario

Join an informative class led by a dedicated officer from the Solicitor General's office to explore Ontario's vital animal welfare services. Gain a deep understanding of the Provincial Animal Welfare Service (PAWS) and its role in protecting both animals and communities. Delve into the Dog Owners' Liability Act and understand its impact on dog ownership in Ontario, as well as the responsibilities of owners. Discover PAWS officers' enforcement methods, their response to animal-related incidents, investigations, and regulatory compliance efforts. This comprehensive lecture offers profound insights into PAWS's mission to create a safer and more humane environment for humans and animals in Ontario.

Canine Health Essentials

Join Dr. Fab Terable from Arnold Crescent Animal Hospital for a comprehensive class on vital veterinary practices. This session covers cutting-edge healthcare, preventive measures, and advanced treatments for dog owners, trainers, and enthusiasts. Explore topics like vaccinations, nutrition, dental care, and common health issues, demystifying complex medical concepts. Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or a newcomer, this class empowers you with the knowledge to enhance the well-being and longevity of your beloved dogs. Gain a deeper understanding of veterinary practices from a trusted expert in the field.

Optimal Canine Nutrition with Inukshuk

Explore K9 nutrition through the lens of Inukshuk Professional Dog Food, a Canadian producer. This class delves into the formulation and production of dog food, emphasizing dietary needs and the science behind it. Discover the role of key nutrients and the benefits of a balanced diet, extending dogs' lifespans and enhancing their performance and health. Gain insight into Inukshuk's local commitment to top-tier dog food. By the lecture's end, you'll be well-informed about your dogs' nutritional needs and Inukshuk's role in providing exceptional nutrition for working and pet canines.

Canines Unleashed

Explore the world of Canicross, a thrilling sport that blends running with dogs, guided by Shawn, the President of Canadian Canicross Sport Ontario. This captivating class delves into the sport's intricacies, covering equipment, training methods, and the unique joys and challenges of Canicross racing. Discover how you and your four-legged companion can achieve peak athletic performance while ensuring safety and fostering a strong bond. By the lecture's end, you'll be well-versed in Canicross, equipped with the knowledge and tools to embark on exciting dog-centered adventures. Shawn's passion and expertise in Canicross will inspire you to hit the trails with your furry friend.

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